“Access to safe and clean drinking water is the most important issue facing our community today. We must ensure that the 3M settlement is spent removing the contaminants so families have safe water to drink and people continue buying homes in South Washington County.”

“We need to attract more full time jobs in our community and train people for careers that pay a living wage.”

“80% of all bus riders are going to or coming from work or school. We need additional bi-directional bus routes and reliable mid-day routes connecting us to the cities and Bloomington.”

“Pollinators are vital to the food we eat. In the East Metro, 8 out of every 10 bee hives didn’t survive the winter. We can be the leaders in creating and encouraging more pollinator habitats to protect the bees.”

My wife Amanda and I moved to Old Cottage Grove where we’ve lived for the past ten years. I’m a little bit country, (she’s a little bit rock ‘n roll) and we both were able to find what we were looking for in South Washington County.

I was born at Fort Rucker Army Hospital in Enterprise, Alabama while my father was in the service and we moved around quite a bit before my family settled in the East Metro where I’ve lived for over thirty years.

I worked overnights through school as a telephone operator providing communication assistance for deaf and hard of hearing people when my co-workers decided to organize a union so we could have more say in our pay, benefits and how our work was being done.

For twenty years I worked at the union in South Saint Paul helping local governments and frontline workers improve the quality of government services and promote tax policies that reduce property tax burden for homeowners, renters, and local businesses.

The past four years I’ve been at Hennepin County where I help the largest public and private sector employers in our region build customized, short-term trainings and reform hiring practices to meet their workforce needs. Together, we’ve built over a dozen tuition-free career pathways including building operations, admin professional, forestry, financial services, construction trades and 911 telecommunications.

My time in county government has given me the knowledge to work on things that matter most to our community. I’m running for county board to make sure we have safe water, good jobs, more buses and bees in South Washington County.


AFSCME | IBEW local 110 | AFL-CIO

What I’m going to do

Washington County provides important services to keep us all safer, healthier, and enjoying a high quality of life.

The Board of Commissioners is responsible for policies and services that all residents, businesses and visitors rely on every day including roads, libraries, public safety, parks and recreation, public health, and child protection.

County services allow us all to live, work, play or grow a business in our community. The county also plays a critical role to helping children to grow to their potential, moms and dads to support their families and grandparents to be an active part of their families’ lives.

For South Washington County, that means 1) assuring we all have clean, safe drinking water, 2) we are attracting and retaining good jobs in our community, 3) there is more bus service in both directions between us and the core cities, and 4) the county is doing its part to make life easier for pollinators.

Its as simple as Safe Water, Good Jobs, More Buses and Bees.


John Thorson | John@johnthorson.com | (651) 651.325.8581
P.O. Box 121 Newport, MN 55055-1185